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EDISG® x Yaima SDGs Symposium

EDISG® x Yaima SDGs Symposium

SKU: SD0001W


4.4oz 150g/㎡ リサイクルポリエステル

ポリエステル100% (PBR ZERO)




EDISG® is committed to protecting the Yaeyama region; working towards saving the planet, starting with Ishigaki island. With a mission to lead by example, EDISG® aim to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. EDISG® x Yaima SDGs Symposium share the same vision of inspiring individuals to care for the oceans and Yaeyama environmental issues. Together, EDISG® have established a collaboration by launching an official t-shirt design to spread the message, ‘The Earth Voice’. The collaboration focuses on using recycled materials within the garment-making process, with a portion of the profits going towards Yaeyama-based charity organizations, in support of the local community.


Illustration by Chiyun Yeh / チユン イェ

Color: White